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Sometimes you've just got questions! 

How will I know that my appointment is booked? 

You will receive a confirmation calendar invite from us within 24 hours of paying your deposit.

What do I bring to my shoot? 

Whatever you're inspired by from shoes to accessories to clothes! We will help you put it together. Our team includes a wardrobe stylist who can be booked at an additional fee. She will bring options and she can even do a little shopping for you. 

I'm not photogenic and I don't know how to pose. 

No worries! That's what you've paid us for, creative direction! Sometimes we will call in a colleague depending on the nature of your shoot to give us some added spice!

Will you give me instructions prior to my shoot? 

Of course! You will receive an email 24 hours prior to your shoot listing some things to not forget, COVID precautions, directions and a link to the parking app so you can be prepared to pay upon arrival. We gotchu! 

How long will it take to get my pictures back?

It takes about 5-7 business days. Business days are Mondays thru Thursdays. We cannot guarantee your photos will be delivered between Friday & Sunday as these are high volume days. This turnaround time is also dependent on your response with your choices. Please note that if you fall outside of this window with your response, your image processing will be delayed to accommodate clients after you. Once those clients are complete, we will begin your process. Please see below for rush fee if needed sooner. 

What if I need my pictures back sooner? 

There is a $100 rush fee on all requests.

I noticed that you watermark your photos, will it be on mine? 

Yes we do! Your images are watermarked until you choose the images that come with your package. After those images are processed, they will not have a watermark on them.             

8 images don't seem like a lot, can I have more? 

Absolutely! We understand especially in a world of content creation. Additional edits are $15/photo.

**Please note: All images are used for professional and commercial use including but not limited to social media, promotions, print, ads and more. Unless otherwise stated by the client ©TJS Photography reserves the right to use, print and sell the images for all intended purposes.**

Still have questions for us? Book a consult and let's chat!

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